All You Need to Know about Food Labels

It is not uncommon to find Nigerians just rip open a pack of food without caring to learn anything about it.

For us, the content is the important thing!

Sometimes Nigerians will finish eating the sausage roll before checking for its date of expiration.

You find this attitude with people who buy packaged medicines too: they don’t even open the attached leaflets.

It’s just our thing to not care much about reading for information on the products we consume.

Yet it is very important that we do.

Especially when dealing with food items.

At the back of most packaged foods, information is provided on the ingredients with which the food item was made.

And also on the nutritional value of the food.

Knowing what ingredients are contained in foods can help you make wise food choices like avoiding substances you are allergic to.

Also, understanding the nutritional value of foods will help you know what quantity you should consume to stay healthy.

With these in mind, I want to help you learn more about what you eat.

To this effect, I’m introducing a teaching series I’ve titled “Should I Eat This?”

It will hold once a week.

I’ll post a photo of a packaged good item.

Then based on the nutritional info provided, we’ll discuss whether or not consuming that item will be a healthy thing to do.

And also what quantity will be appropriate, if indeed it is healthy to be consumed.


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