Some time ago I explained what “Weight Plateau” Means and How Frustrating it Can Be

Sometime ago I explained what “Weight Plateau” means and how frustrating it can be.

I’ll briefly tell you how to break out of it today.

Do these for a week:

Cut down on your exercising. Exercise for only 3 times in a week.

Eat normally. Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially if your were on an intermittent fasting programme or a diet that cuts down on your eating time.

Give yourself a weekend treat with your favorite food.

Relax. Do not bother checking your weight for weight gain or weight loss in this period.

Immediately after a week’s treat, resume a high intensity exercise than what you are doing.

Cut down on your calorie intake. Follow a 1200-1500calorie diet plan.

Or resume your keto diet, if you were on one.

Of course I seldom recommend keto diets for weight loss. But if you were on one and it had no adverse effects on your health, then resume it.

Follow these simple steps. Your efforts augmented with the right dose of exercising and calorie intake, I promise that your body will beat its state of weight plateau.

Now go out and smash your health goals!

See you on the other side. 🥰

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